Hotels GDS

When it comes to hotel reservations, ease and efficiency are key. That's where the GDS Code comes in. This acronym, which stands for Global Distribution System, is a kind of digital passport for hotels, enabling travel agents and travel professionals to locate and manage properties quickly and efficiently.

The meaning of the GDS Code

The GDS Code is a unique identifier that every hotel has. It is like a person's first and last name, but for accommodations. But what exactly does this code contain?

The first digits of the GDS code offer a technological indication or reference to the chain to which the hotel belongs. This provides useful initial information for operators using the GDS. The next digits, on the other hand, give precise indications of the hotel's geographic location, while the last digits provide the specific property identifier.

Publish your GDS Code

Making your GDS Code public on your hotel website is a smart and strategic move. This allows travel agents to easily locate your property, saving them time-consuming searches and simplifying the booking process.

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NetToHotel understands the importance of the GDS Code for hotels. That's why we provide facilities with the support they need to ensure that this identifier is used to its full potential. But you won't just find cutting-edge technology with us. We firmly believe in the importance of direct assistance, whether through modern tools or the good old telephone.

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