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"A good partner for your hotel


Our experience at the service of your hotel.

The experience grown over the years has allowed us to make constant improvements to services and to optimize the support given to hoteliers.
We will provide you with all the tools to be independent, but we will always be available to support you if you require our intervention. Not just a partner, but an active contributor.

We started with a small revolution by making GDS distribution accessible to small standalone facilities. We have always given importance to the needs of hoteliers, creating tailor-made offers. We have never used tickets, we have always been available to people.
When you get into a hotel room, you lock the door, and you know there is a secrecy, there is a luxury, there is fantasy. There is comfort. There is reassurance.
Diane von Furstenberg, Stylist.

When you contact NetToHotel you will find people talking to you, you will find collaboration with the common intention of getting quality reservations to your Hotel.

About us

Since 2002. NetToHotel was founded in 2002 from the experience gained in previous years of work in the sector by the two owners Barbara Aguzzoli and Gianfranco Chiaretta. Today it has a large working group, more than 200 hotels around the world and numerous partners.

Our philosophy

Stay human. In a world increasingly devoted to digitalization in which the distance between interlocutors increases, we continue to believe that relationships established with hoteliers are fundamental. This is why we have opted for a not ticket-based customer care. We give hoteliers the attention they deserve.

How we work

Professionalism first. Each hotel has its own history, a different clientele, a varied staff. We are committed to design, together with the hoteliers, the strategies that best meet the hotel's needs, always leaving the hotel the decision to be taken.


We work with the curiosity and enthusiasm of a child
We work with the curiosity and enthusiasm of a child

Barbara Aguzzoli

CEO & Co-Founder

Gianfranco Chiaretta

Sales Manager & Co-Founder

Andrea Picco

Customer Care Manager

Jose Maritano

Customer Care Account Italy / South America

Giancarlo Gea

Customer Care Account Italy / France

Monika Haase

Customer Care Account Switzerland / Germany / Austria

Irene Lo Porto

RFP & Consortia Business Expert

Andrea Federica Giannotto

Sales Representative Italy

Maria Perriello


Silvia Badriotto

Communication & Marketing

Lorenzo De Rosa

Digital Specialist

Isabella De Rosa

Digital Marketing

Martina Chiaretta


Loris Mottolese

Commercial YWAO

"We never stopped! "

Barbara Aguzzoli, CEO
Gianfranco Chiaretta, Italy and Foreign Sales Manager


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