Reach your customers where they book.

Synxis Channel Connect.

It connects around 600 channels in a highly flexible way and with the most advanced rate management features for your Revenue strategies.
The Channel Manager is now a "commodity", an indispensable tool, do not settle for just any one.
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Channel Manager.

maximise your reach and visibility

With Synxis you have a large number of certified channels between Global OTAs, local portals and niche sites.

Simplifies distribution with a single data system

Easily enforce rates parity and avoid overbooking. Improve productivity by updating availability and rates in real time to all channels and by updating bookings received to the PMS.

Manage distribution by centralizing all channels

Manage all distribution from a single solution without the need to access various systems. Quickly update rates and restrictions with one simple operation.


Apply advanced pricing and revenue management strategies, such as length-of-stay pricing, dynamic packages, and loyalty programs.
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