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1. Technical Cookies
Technical Cookies are necessary to carry out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communication network and for the provision of the service requested by the user. They include:
- Session or Browsing Cookies: these are the cookies that are not stored persistently on the user's terminal and are deleted when the browser is closed and are strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers necessary to enable the safe and efficient exploration of the site.
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With respect to these types of Cookies, it is not necessary to acquire the user's prior and informed consent.

2. Analytical Cookies
Analytical Cookies, as recently remarked by the Privacy Guarantor, can be used, among other things, to assess the effectiveness of an information society service provided by a publisher, to design a website or to help measure its traffic (i.e. the number of visitors, including possibly broken down by geographic area, connection time slot or other characteristics).
Similarly, Analytical Cookies, where installed by third parties, do not require the collection of prior consent from the user where direct identification of the data subject is not achieved (so-called single out) in order to prevent the use of direct and unique identifiers. In particular, such Cookies must have the following characteristics: (i) the same Cookie must be referable not only to one but to several devices, so as to create reasonable uncertainty about the computer identity of the person receiving it (e.g. through the masking of appropriate portions of the IP address), (ii) the use of Cookies shall be limited solely to the production of aggregate statistics and such Cookies may be used in relation to a single site or mobile application, so as not to allow tracking of the person's browsing using different applications or browsing different websites. In addition, it is clarified that third parties, which provide the publisher with the web measurement service, shall not in any case combine the data, even so minimized, with other processing (customer files or statistics of visits to other sites, for example) or transmit them in turn to further third parties, under penalty of unacceptably increasing the risks of user identification; except in the case where the production of statistics by them with the minimized data affects several domains, websites or apps that can be traced back to the same publisher or business group. Instead, the user's consent will be required for analytical cookies installed by third parties without guarantees aimed at minimizing the processing of data collected through the same cookies.

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