Increase direct bookings, reduce commissions.
Increase your revenue.

Turn your hotel website into an eCommerce

Activate the Synxis Booking Engine, the booking engine chosen by the most prestigious international chains: do not let customers go away for a booking engine that is not up to par.

Based on the customers' profile data, their preferences and their historical data, Synxis selects the products (rooms and rate plans), additional services and promotions highlighting them to each customer, who can save and share their "ECommerce cart".
Synxis Booking Engine is also easy to use!
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Booking Engine.

Tailor made customization for your property

Confirm the perception of quality of your hotel by configuring the Booking Engine based on the existing website. Customize operational settings and booking experience. Show the customized url (

Increases non-intermediate bookings

Boost direct bookings by engaging the customers and getting them to confirm from your site. Use the "psychological triggers" and the features of modern eCommerce to entice to confirm reservations quickly.

Act on the most powerful localization

Get as close as possible to your customers using the 25 pre-configured languages and give your service the right value with over 50 currencies.

increase revenue with ancillary services

Synxis easily manages promotions, packages, additional services, special rates. Add value to bookings by selling “ancillary” services.

Meta search and links

Connect your Booking Engine to Google and metasearch. Keep the customers before they move to OTAs. Integrate it with services like ResBot.

Upselling, cross-selling, chain functionality

Take advantage of the typical features of large chains. Offer a superior room or higher treatment to the guest who has just confirmed. With the Itinerary Booking function you facilitate repeated bookings from regular customers.
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